Friday 29 January 2016

Dear Charlie,
I feel like everything around me is changing and the things that were yours are disappearing. It makes me feel sad, your drawing on the fridge is fading . We had to say good bye to your dog which was heartbraking. I miss him. Your room has been changed but I want you to know its because we had no choice and needed space. I have kept lots of your clothes, ones that bring me happy and ones that bring sad memories too. I don't want things to fade away.
I have about special boxes of special things of yours.
Your things are still everywhere, pants in the bottom of the laundry basket still.
Medicine still in the fridge with your name on.
I bumped into someone who knew you when you were born the other day and we talked about you and your room and I loved it because people I see alot don't really ask much anymore. I liked someone recognizing everything that has happened.
I want you to know that no matter what happens or where ever I am I love you very much and miss you every day.
Love you Char x

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