Wednesday 14 October 2015

Dear Charlie,
I haven't written in a few days, I have been busy organising our next charity event. Today as I was driving back down the A41 I had a flash back of driving down there when you were really ill and we didn't know what was wrong, it made me sad. I remember thinking it was serious and I needed to know you would get better, I felt despair and sadness. I miss you and sometimes feel I must have been like a robot to get through that nightmare, life has definitely not been the same since we lost you but I make sure your brother and sisters really enjoy themselves as they have been asking for you a lot recently and it is hard. Your biggest sis is doing amazing at her ballet. It's her love and she does so well. We all miss you and there is an emptyness that could never fill but we keep your memory alive and feel you around. I remember you singing in the kitchen. I remember when Patience the health visitor came round to do your brothers checks when he was born and she was terrified of our dog and you tricked her with your remote control spider that was so funny. I remember telling her you were having pains in your eyes and I hoped it was only migraines but she said I had to believe it was not anything serious. I remember she went above and beyond her job and when you were diagnosed she came around as a friend and prayed with you. What a kind lady. I miss you Char x

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