Sunday 20 September 2015

Dear Charlie,
Today's been hard
Oh boy that was hard walking into your bedroom, just heart breaking.
It feels so empty and I remember when your laughter filled the room. I could see you playing on the floor when you were about 4 and we were decorating it Spiderman, stickers on the wall the bed covers and the curtains you were so excited. I remember when you first moved up to that bedroom and you used to get a little frightened, I would be sorting clothes out at the bottom of your stairs and shout up "it's just me char putting the clothes away" and we used to leave the music channel room on in your room so you would feel safe at bed time I remember being down a level on our floor and shout night char love you and you would shout back. I don't want to forget anything, in scared I will forget and I need to write it's helping me a lot. The thought of forgetting anything terrifies me. I miss you

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