Friday 18 September 2015

Remembering you today

Dear Charlie,
Today we saw Mrs Dicketts and I remember you used to call her Mrs tickets, we spoke about your special book because I read through it the other day it made me happy and sad. I remember when we used to go to school and you would run along shouting like a lunatic. I remember taking you for a few afternoons after you was diagnosed,that was so sad. You would sit and draw and have lunch with your friends. Penny waited for us to have your class photo done, I'm glad we made it in time. It's so heartbreaking going through your room. I don't want to do it. Your school uniform is still folded in your drawers and so are your other clothes and pjs. I really wish you were still here. I feel like people get fed up with me talking about you, not the people who loved you, they would never be fed up but I feel everyone else might be. I love you Char x

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